Renovation Project - Key Staff Involvement

Barry Taylor, Building Chairman | Barry oversees all construction for the Harmar Community Center and has worked with the architect, David Haught to complete Phase One. Barry is a volunteer and has been instrumental in acquiring labor (electricians, plumbers, painters, ect.), equipment (machines and tools) and materials at cost or below, and in many cases at in-kind. Much of the labor force to date has been volunteers, men and women Barry had urged to participate in this project. Barry oversees and approves all expenditures with regard to construction.

Gary Murphy, President | Gary has guided the Board Members through the process of planning and constructing the center to this point in time. He has sought financial help personally and through friends and associates, all the while encouraging the Board Members to do likewise. Gary and Barry are on site daily and are keenly aware of the needs and progress of this project.

Margaret (Peg) Littler, Vice President/Secretary | Peg has an extensive background in Adult Education through her years of experience at the Washington County Career Center as a teacher, Career-Education Coordinator and as Assistant Director. For four years Peg worked for Jobs for Ohio Graduates where she helped young adults gain a diploma, a GED or employment. Recently, Peg completed work with Pathways Employment, part of the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, coordinating employment and education for adults with mental or physical disabilities. Peg has provided this project invaluable guidance with regard to equipment, supplies and choice of effective software programs.

Mary Ann VonVille | Mary Ann has extensive experience in childhood eductaion working for 26 years as an elementary school teacher and 4 years as a principle for an elementery school. She went on to hold the Executive Secretary postion for the Brookmar C-8 project and then the Director of Financial Development at the Washington County American Red Cross for two years. Mary Ann continued to serve the community as a volunteer for the Harmar Community Center and the Washington County American Red Cross untill getting hired as the Executive Director of the Harmar Community Center on April 15, 2012.

Old view of front of building